EriTools Time Booking

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About ETB (EriTools TimeBooking) System

This is a Temporary solution for Agency Handler (AH) and SAP (ESS) system users to book their time. This Web Portal has been created for the users who do not have any alternate arrangements while the AH and ESS systems are down for upgrade.

If you have any doubts about why you are created as a user, please ask your Manager. Your SIGNUM was provided to us by the team who are upgrading the SAP systems. As we have created accounts for over 19K users, it is not possible for us to answer any queries regarding whether you should be using this system or not. If you are permanent employee, you should have received communication from HR (or your manager/team administrator); if you are a contractor then your Agency should have notified you about the unavailability of AH & SAP (ESS).

If you have to use this web portal for booking time; we hope that you have a smooth experience. For how to use the website please refer to the help document available to download here. Alternatively you can see this web based help here.

For any Technical Issues only please contact EriTools Support. Please do not contact us for any other information (apart from technical issues).